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Holiday Party Pointers

Published October 31, 2018
Twinkling lights, decor, and an array of entertainment only mean one thing: the holiday season
is upon us. As an employer, not only are you tasked with looking after your staff on a weekly
basis, but you’re also in charge of hosting an opulent holiday party, too. Need to start the
planning process? Let us provide a few pointers:
Before you can adequately begin to plan your company’s holiday party, you’ll have to settle on
site, first. Of course, it would be simple to host the evening in your office building — but that’s a
tad underwhelming. When scouting a location, you’ll want to go above and beyond, wowing your
staff in the process.
The solution? Think about renting a beautiful, rustic theater that NYFF Events can transform into
a gleaming winter wonderland with ease. This will not only add refined glamour to your evening,
but it will add that classic holiday ambiance your employees are looking for.
When strolling along the concourse at New York City’s Bryant Park, what are some of the
classic winter sights and sounds that you hear? Indeed, those can range from the beautiful ice
skating rink, warm glowing lights above, and holiday carolers singing to guests as they walk
around the park’s perimeter.
So why not incorporate this into your company holiday party? We can recreate this beautiful
scene, with the addition of some dessert stations fit to look as if they’re vendors in the park. No
matter what your vision may entail, we can bring that timeless elegance to your soirée.
Alas, what would a holiday party be without a splash of the performing arts? Indeed, this will not
only be the ideal way to provide some holiday cheer for your employees, but it will also heighten
your holiday party experience, too.
Think about it like this: would you rather attend a soirée with no music, or would you prefer to
attend an exciting evening with the Radio City Rockettes? The latter option speaks for itself, and
our signature performers can provide entertainment that will even surpass the Rockettes’
signature routines, keeping your employees entertained throughout the entire evening.
When it comes to high-quality events and entertainment, NYFF Events is the answer! NYFF is a
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