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3D Art

Our 3D Art is poppin'! Let your favorite art come to life with this fun craft your guests of all ages will enjoy.

Can Art

Your favorite drink cans transformed into creations of art!

Custom Beats Station

Guests can customize their very own pair of headphones from a variety of colors, designs, and logos.

Custom Mini Lockers

These mini lockers are the perfect favor or novelty for any party. Each locker is 11” tall and is the perfect addition to any room or desk. They come in a variety of colors to chose from and are customized with vinyl graphics that are cut and applied right at your party!

Custom Phone Case Photos

Chose from custom graffiti designs, graphic images, or photos for a unique phone case made for each guest.

Custom Pop Sockets

Customize your own PopSocket! Perfect for anyone with a cell phone or small tablet.

Custom Sock Station

Guests can chose from various colors and sock designs to customize their own pair of Nike Elites!

Custom Speaker Station

Kids will choose their favorite color speaker from our inventor and choose a themed vinyl adhesive for each side and top of speaker.

Custom Street Sign Station

Guests can bring home these unique customized street signs.

Flick Books

Over 3 dozen action photos are taken of your guests and bound together in a personalized book to create these motion books!

Graffiti Name Art

Graffiti Sports Balls

Guests can customize their very own sport balls by one of our own talented graffiti artists. Available in basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and volleyballs.

LED t-shirt

With these sound activated t-shirts you can pick your style, pick your color, then watch lights move to the beat!

Lids Station

Guests will chose the hat and patch combo of their choice to take home the ultimate souvenir from your event.

Sneaker Customization Station

A gift your guests for sure won't forget! Customize sneakers by one of our talented artists to ensure your guests have the coolest kicks to take home.

Wire Art

Our fantastic wire sculptors transform straight pieces into names, messages, or words in minutes.

Wobble Heads

Guests will step up to the photo studio where they will have their head shot taken and mounted on the body that they choose.

Airbrush Artist(s)

Choice of two items: T-shirts, Tank Tops, Touchlights, Pillowcases, Mousepads, Tote Bags, Towels & Baby Tees.

Rice Jewelry

Includes up to 75 pieces. Names or sayings are drawn on a grain of rice and hung on neclaces, keychains, etc.