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Mechanical Rides

Junior Dixie Ferris Wheel

Up to 16 children can ride on this mini version of an old favorite Complete with lights. trailer mounted, requires drive up access


Based on NASA flight-training simulator, this ride will take on a sit-down, round journey. this is a trialer mounted ride, must be set up on level ground. drive up access required. Space requirements are 12'X 20' X 10'H

Trackless Fire Truck Ride

Complete with lights, siren, bell, this miniature truck can ride on any flat surface. Upto 14 people at once.

Trackless Train Ride

Up to 15 people can take a ride on this train, which can ride on any flat surface.

Coin Op Rides

Dino Ride

Dixie Twister Ride

The Dixie Twister has ten swings that hold up to twenty adults or thirty children making it fun for all ages seven and up. The ride starts off at a slow speed and builds up to a very fast speed.


Dumbo Elephant Ride

Ferris Wheel

Flying Dragon

Full-Size Bumper Cars

Giant Fun Slide


Large Carousel

Little Swing

small mechanical swings.

Miniature Carousel

Ride our musical 3-horse carousel.

Orient Express

Round Up


Up to 20 people at once. Spin round & round at different angles at various speeds.



Tornado Amusement Ride

Trackless Train

Turbo Tubs