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High Tech & Virtual Reality

Deluxe Flight Simulator

HTC Vive

With Vive, you get 360 degree motion tracking using technology that helps the headset track your exact location. Vive’s two wireless controllers feature 24 censors for unobstructed movement letting you do more in VR than ever before!

LED Cornhole

LED Foosball

LED Pop-A-Shot

Recording Studio Booth

Dimensions: 12'L x 8'W x 9'H

Total Immersion 3D Theatre

Immersive 360-degree content is paired with a head-mounted display for the ultimate wearable virtual experience! Experiences include: A hike in the Rocky Mountains, roller coasters, a walk in space, skydiving, a frightening trip through the dark woods, head to head battles and much more!

Virtual Reality Baseball

3D Motion Thrill Ride

80 per hour, 8x12 see, hear, and feel the motion of a roller oaster & more.

LED Ping Pong Table(s)

VR Deluxe Car Racing

20 per hour per car, 4x8 each car, NASCAR, INDY, FORMULA 1, Drag Racing, Dirt Track 1 car or 2 cars.