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Fun Foods

Candy Apple Station

A timeless treat customized to your guests’ liking. Choices include chocolate and caramel dipping sauce with a variety of candy toppings.

Candy Cart

Includes: Cotton Candy, Popcorn & a Variety of 10 candies. Kosher Candy Available at an additional charge.

Candy Shoppe

Includes up to 10 candies in a Lucite display. Kosher Candy Available at an additional charge.

Candy Store

Take a walk through your very own candy store that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Candy Sushi

Candy sushi is an awesome twist on a classic snack. It's great for parties which includes both Kids and adults. Set up includes authentic Japanese Pagoda and Shoji Screen. Price includes 100 servings of our delicious and creative treats.


Have fun with this new trend by creating your own cereal! Choose from a variety of different cereals, toppings, and milks to mix together for a fun treat.

Chocolate Factory

Dip cookies, strawberries and other edible treats into chocolate (fondue-like).

Churro Warmer

Cotton Candy Art

A traditional treat transformed into edible art!

Cotton Candy Cart

Custom Fast Food Kiosk

Customize this kiosk based on your favorite fast foods! Available in Cinnabon, CheeseBoy, Chick-Fil-A, Dippin Dots, McDonald's, Nathan's, White Castle, and more!

DŌ Cookie Dough

This nostalgic treat is completely SAFE TO EAT and comes in a variety of flavors. Served in either a cone or a cup everyone is sure to enjoy it!

Diner Conveyor Belt

Old fashion diner food gets a modern twist on this moving conveyor belt.

Dippin' Dots

Donut Wall

Serving fresh Dunkin Donuts

Edible Balloons

This innovative new dessert will be a hit at your event!

End of the Night Food Station

Food Conveyor Belt

Let your guests chose the food of their choice on this moving conveyor belt!

Fried Oreos

The only thing better than oreos is fried oreos!

Frozen Drink Machine

Two-Tier Machine. Please allow 2-hours for drink mix to freeze.

Frozen Lemonade

This twist on a classic comes in a variety of flavors such as classic lemonade, raspberry, watermelon, and so much more!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Guests can add toppings like sprinkles, marshmallows, candy, and more to their own mug of hot coco.

Hot Dog Cart

Dimensions: 25.5″ W x 36″ L x 46″ H.

Ice Cream Cart

Includes individually-wrapped assortment of ice cream. 42inch wide at wheel base, 40inch high without umbrella, 30 inch depth

Mallow Pops

Who doesn’t love a marshmallow? Who wouldn’t love a marshmallow covered in melted chocolate and then dipped in their favorite toppings? This delicious treat is bound to be a hit and loved by all!

Mini Donuts

Novelty Milkshakes

Indulge in a variety of these famous, over the top milkshakes heard 'round the world!

Pancake Art

We take our pancakes with syrup, butter, and fun! Pancake art is creative and guests love to see the different images appear as the pancake is turned over.

Popcorn Bar

Dozens of popcorn flavors for your guests to pick and chose from.

Popcorn Cart

Pretzel Cart

Pucker Powder Display

Fill mini tubes with assorted flavored candy sand (pucker powder).

S'mores Station

Roast marshmallows, and add chocolate to graham crackers for a treat perfect for any season!

Sno-Cone Cart

Client must provide Ice.

Spiral Potato Sticks

Spiral Potato Sticks are the new French Fry!Customize your potato stick to your liking by choosing from a variety of flavored salts.

Waffle Sticks

Create these treats to your liking with different dippings, candies, and toppings. The possibilities are endless!

Ice Cream Truck