Video Games & Simulators

27" Alpine Racer

A ski simulator where the player attempts to ski along the course shown on a 27" screen.

50" Alpine Racer

A Ski simulator where the player attempts to ski along the course shown on a 50" screen.

Arctic Thunder

Full size arcade game.

Arkenoid Video Game

Use your bat to launch a bouncing ball into a wall of bricks and destroy them.

Dance Revolution

Choose a song and follow the dance steps on the screen.

Disco Duck Video Game

Full size arcade game.

Donkey Kong Jr. Video Game

Double Driver Video Game

Up to 2 players can compete on this seated game where they choose a car & track and race against each other.

Final Lap 3 Video Game

Stand-up driving video game.

Guitar Hero Arcade Game

Full size arcade game

Ice Ball Skeeball

Full size Skee Ball game. Skeeball (comes apart into 2 pieces) 85" Tall x 30" Wide x 44" Deep......85" Long x 30" Wide x 29" Tall

Millepede Video Game

You are the archer shooting multiplying millepedes along with spiders, bees, dragonflies, beetles, mosquitos, inchworms and earwigs, while trying to keep mushrooms at bay.

Ms. Pacman/Galaga Video Game

Full size arcade game

NFL Blitz Video Game

4-Player Football-theme video game.

Revolution X Video Game

A 3 person shooting game mixed with music from Aerosmith

Silver Strike Bowling Video Game

1-4 Four player game. One player plays at a time.

Space Invaders Video Game

Top Skater

A simulated skateboard will help you pull off the craziest tricks ever to score major points in this game.

Wacky Gator Arcade Game

Water Ski Simulator

A water ski game where player uses the simulated water skis and follows the course on the screen.

Wave Runner

A jetski racing game where the player sits on and controls the simulated jetski.

Surf Simulator