Arts & Crafts

3D Art

Bear Factory

Pick a bear skin, stuff and dress it with a variety of outfits.

Can Art

Cape Station

Ceramic/Plaster Painting

Paint various pieces of ceramic/plaster art with color paints.

Cookie Decorating

Using sprinkles, frosting & other toppings decorate cookie(s).

Cupcake Decorating

Using sprinkles, frosting & other toppings decorate cupcakes.

Custom Beats Station

Custom Sock Station

Custom Speaker Station

Custom Street Sign Station

Flick Books

Graffiti Basketball

LED t-shirt

Lids Station

Lip Gloss Station

Our beauty technicians create different shades of Lip Gloss right before your eyes!

Patch Factory

We bring hats, scarves & patches to help guests design their own hats and scarves

Patch Station

Patches can be put on cell phone cases, hats, backpacks etc.

Pillow Making

Sand Art

Choose a bottle and fill with different colored sand (includes up to 8 colors).

Single Spin Art Machine

Using colored paints to create unique art on 5 x 7 cardboard. *Frisbees available at an additional charge*

Sneaker Customization Station

Spin Tees

Spin Art on T-Shirts!

Sticker Bomb Station

t-shirt Screen Printing

Wax Hands

Dip your hands into wax to make a mold. Add a prop (cell phone, butterfly, cards, etc) to make it unique.